Content about Wal-Mart

August 18, 2014

Greene County Herald was able to establish first-hand that up until the point of the actual Police shooting, the Beavercreek Walmart was a calm setting, directly contradicting statements from a 911 call that a dangerous man with a rifle was inside the store causing mayhem and intimidating other shoppers with the air-rifle.

On a cold evening on January 15, 2011 I was eating a burger with a friend at a small restaurant in Beavercreek, when three men with badges and guns interrupted our dinner and demanded with barking orders that we identify ourselves immediately.  Our supposed crime?  Carrying firearms openly; at least that's what I assumed as the officers refused to tell us what crime we were being suspected of having committed and did not clearly communicate to me under what State law we were required to provide identification to them, and copies of our Concealed Carry permits.