Local Mainstream Media Plays Fiddle

Within hours of Tuesday's Greene County election results being made public, mainstream media in Greene County and in the Miami Valley were already playing fiddle for the two failed tax levys in the area, the Xenia 2.25% income tax levy and the 4.9 mill. Kettering Schools levy.

Dayton Daily News reporter Kristin McAllister interviewed Jim Schoenlein, superintendent in Kettering, saing "the district will almost certainly be back on the ballot."  The reporter failed to interview any Kettering residents or political activists who opposed or voted against the levy.

The Xenia Gazette, commenting on the failed Issue 7 levy printed a front page picture of firemen at Station 2 (which according to the City of Xenia officials will be closed) folding a U.S. flag in front of their station.  After expounding at length on the possible negative implications of the levy's failure, reporter, Nikki Ferrel of Greene County Dailies (Brown Publishing Company) also failed to contact and inteview any residents or activists who opposed the passage of the levy.

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