Greene County: Children Services Bloated Budget Exposed

A few days ago I wrote about a specific instance in which the Greene County Children Services took aim at a local family, and through a proxy (a psychologist in this instance) attacked the ways in which the family approached the raising of their children. Due to Children Services agencies having a track record of targeted abuse and attacks on homeschooling families, I decided to get my hands on the budget and financials of Greene County Children Services.

As I expected, this organization is clearly another government agency which is in a continuous quest to justify its own existence. Out of the 9+ million dollars operating budget, a very small fraction is used to directly help with children housing, while a vast majority of their budget goes to cover salaries, quality medical and dental insurance for 100+ employees, and what seems to be very generous Public Employees Retirement System contributions. Only $709,000 are actually spent on the Children's Home (which operates under a separate accounting code 0101-0903, see pages 3 and 4).

Budget Page 13.5 MB
Budget Page 23.5 MB
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Budget Page 43.5 MB

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