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  • February 4, 2011, Xenia, Ohio

    Today John Mitchel, former Republican candidate for Ohio’s Seventh Congressional District, filed suit (Case No: 2011-CV-0114) in Greene County Common Pleas Court to remove County Prosecutor Stephen K. Haller.  Mitchel alleges Haller practiced “gross misconduct” in the manner in which he defended himself and other Greene County Republican Executive Committee members in a public records request action filed in May 2009.  Mitchel also claims that Haller conspired with an assistant prosecutor to withhold public records related to the 2003 BRAC Initiative Agreement contract between Greene County and the Dayton Development Coalition.

  • An administrative review by the Greene County Sheriff's Office was initiated after a case containing two weapons disappeared from the home of a Sheriff's deputy and a member of the SWAT team.  The case in question contained a semi automatic AR-15 and an automatic HK MP-5, which were both the property of the Greene County Sheriff's Office.

  • While attempting to obtain a list of Children Services applicants for the position of Director, I was faced with answers ranging from "I don't have it" to "I cannot give you that information," answers which could be called stonewalling by any seasoned reporter.  This forced us to obtain the records through public records requests, which were honored in a timely and efficient fashion by the Greene County Personnel Department.

  • The Greene County Commissioners and Sheriff Gene Fischer have had a rough relationship for the last several years, as the Sheriff's budget is often the target of cuts and debates among the Commission members.  Having the largest share of the County expenditures, the Sheriff and the Commission ends up being at odds over expenditures and especially over cuts proposed to his budget in the last two years.

  • After projected budget shortfalls for 2010, residents of Fairborn and Xenia will be facing a number of levies aimed at income tax increases and tax renewals pushed by city and school district officials.  

  • In November 2009, in a Newsletter sent by the Greene County Children Services, Director Rhonda Reagh announced her retirement saying "This is my last, official column in the Children’s Herald as my retirement date draws near. We have so many things to be proud of over the last twelve years, but perhaps one of the most exceptional is the progress the agency, and community, has made in improving our rate of finalized adoptions."

  • Greene County epidemiologists usually see a handful of salmonella cases throughout an entire year, but four cases in two days is highly unusual and is a cause for concern. Out of the four infections found since Monday, May 17, two of the individuals involved required hospitalization; officials have not yet been able to determine the source or common grounds for the infections.

  • Democrat Tony Tipps who served as an elections operations coordinator for the Montgomery County Board of Elections resigned from his role on May 12, 2010, but Montgomery County officials continue to hide the real reasons behind Tipps’ resignation.

  • In a recent announcement, the City of Xenia outlined the steps management is planning to take in order to meet budgetary shortfalls and lower revenues.  A city prelease release referenced “prolonged economic recession, diminishing revenues, and a close defeat of a proposed .5% income tax increase” as the main reasons for the staff cuts and the planned expense cutbacks.

  • If you are driving around the City of Beavercreek, you may see union picketers standing at the intersection of Grange Hall and Dayton-Xenia Rd. claiming R.B. Jergens is “unfair” to its employees.  This is an unusual sight in our area; what is even more unusual, is that those holding the signs are not even Jergens employees.  They are instead representatives of Local 1410, the Laborers International Union of North America.