Xenia Councilman Stops Vehicle, Flashes City Council Badge

Dale Louderback involved in Xenia incident

A City of Xenia councilman is now the subject of an investigation by the Greene County Prosecutor's office after what appears to have been a road-rage incident in which the councilman followed a car through city streets and eventually stopped the vehicle and displayed a silver badge to the occupants.

Dale Louderback, a long-time resident of Xenia, a real-estate agent and a member of the Xenia City Council has been the subject of an investigation by the Greene County Sheriff's office.  In a conversation with Major Eric Prindle, the Greene County Herald learned that the investigation is now closed, however all documents have been forwarded to the office of the Greene County Prosecutor, who will be ultimately responsible for the decision of bringing charges against Louderback.

According to the report included below, the incident took place on May 21, 2010 on Old US 68 North, when a car passed Mr. Louderback, after which he pursued the vehicle throughout Xenia, eventually pulling in front of it causing it to stop.  He then approached the vehicle, displayed his City Council badge, causing the occupants to call 911 and ask for help.

You can read the actual report here; names of the parties involved have been redacted according to Ohio Law.

- beginning of transcript

On 21 May 2010 at 19:55 hours, I met with Sgt. Barrett in reference to an alleged incident that occurred on US 68 N between Old Town and the Xenia City Limits.  I was advised that I was to follow up with the individuals involved and ensure that they had completed their statements and forwarded them back to Capt Brown of the Greene County Sheriffs Office for further investigation.

At 2024 hours I arrived at the _ residence at _ Drive in Xenia where I met with the driver of the first vehicle, _ - 1993). _ met met at the door and invited me in to the residence.  Once inside I was also met by his mom and dad who were expecting this deputy.  I advised them that I was following up on this incident and asked _ what actually had occurred, he began to tell me that he and his friend were driving south on US 68 when they approached a slower moving vehicle.  He went on to say that at the time, there was no traffic and they were on a passing lane so he accelerated and passed the slower vehicle. _ claims that the slower vehicle then "slammed on his breaks, skidding for no reason."  He the stated that he believed that the second vehicle was following him and he began to turn down different streets. _ claims he worked his way through Xenia and at one point lost the other vehicle, however, in the area of the Armory the second vehicle pulled in front of them and made him stop .  The driver of that vehicle then approached his car and pulled out his wallet and displayed something that appeared to be a silver badge.

It was at that time that _ called 9-1-1 and backed his vehicle away from the unknown subject and called 9-1-1.  Dispatchers advised _ to drive to 101 N Detroit St and come into the Police Station.  While coming into the building the subject also entered and rode the elevator down to the police department.

_ stated it was at that time Xenia PD arrived and separated all parties involved and obtained their statements.  I showed _ his statement and asked him if this was his statement that he completed for Xenia PD and he verbally acknowledged that it was his statement.  I then cleared that residence to go speak to the passenger.

At 2040 hours, I arrived at _ in Xenia to meet with the passenger in _ vehicle, ? them I would be following up on this incident.

With his parents present I asked him if he would tell me what had occurred last night.  He stated that _ had passed a car on US 68 in a passing zone just South of Old Town. _ said that had "plenty of clearance" and that the Monte Carlo that they had passed slammed on the brakes and turned towards the ditch as they passed. _ in his own words, corroborated the story that had relayed earlier. He also stated that the subjected "flashed a badge", however, he would not show the full badge. _ did state that he was concerned when the unknown subject was approaching their vehicle and "fishing in his back pocket."  He stated that "We didn't know if he had a gun or what."

Both the driver and passenger stated that the subject made no threats of force or violence towards them, however, they did not feel comfortable stopping for an individual that could not be properly identified.

I was going to attempt contact with the other driver, however, we received several high priority calls and was unable to make contact on Friday evening.  Upon arriving at work on Saturday, myself and Dep Bradley again attempted contact with driver and no one was home.

Upon starting my shift on Sunday, myself and Dep Balonier again attempted contact at _ I was able to make contact with the driver _.  I identified myself and advised him that I was following up on the incident that occurred on Friday and he verbally acknowledged that he understood.

I asked him what had happened and he stated that he witnessed a van approaching the back of his vehicle at fast pace.  He then stated that the van whipped around his car and he pulled over to the side a little to avoid a collision.  He then became very vague in his response and ended his statement.  I then asked if he had followed the other vehicle, and he said yes, he followed them through town in an attempt to obtain the license plate and again became vague in his response.

Dep Balonier then asked Mr. _ if he had a badge.  He stated that he did have a badge that was issued y the Xenia City Council.  It was then asked if he flashed his badge to the subjects in the other vehicle.  He stated, "Yes I did."  He was also asked if identified himself as a Police Officer and his response was "how do I do that?"  It was explained that it could be assumed that when a person flashed a badge they are attempting to identify themselves as a Police Officer.  It was at that time the Mr. _ demeanor changed.  He became very defensive and argumentative and want to know how he "became the suspect when he was trying to save people's lives!"  He then stated that the other car almost killed someone by hitting them head on and then they continued to run through town and run stop signs.  He then made the statement he was attempting to keep up with them to get their license plate.  He was asked if he also ran stop signs to which he stated "Yes" and when asked that if he could not have killed someone, he stated "No!"

Mr. _ became even more upset, again wanting to know why he was not being treated like the victim and wanted to know what was going on!  Mr. _ then asked if we had run their driving records and that he wanted to see them.  At that time he was advised that no driving records had been run and that I was following up on the incident.  He then made the statement, "When did this happen?"  I advised him this occurred on Friday and he interrupted me and stated, "This happened on Friday and you haven't run their driving record yet."  He was advised that no one is claiming anything, that we were following up on this incident. He then wanted to know, who would follow up with him and at that time he was referred to Capt. Brown.  Due his demeanor Dep Balonier and I ended the contact and left the scene.

Mr. _ did make statements in reference to his position, being a Xenia City council Memeber (sic), and verbally admitted to flashing his badge and running stop signs.

It should be noted that this incident did occur outside of the city limits and in Xenia Township.  The area that was described by all parties is a two lane road and marked for passing lanes.

All parties verbally acknowledged that the statements that were in our possession are the statements that were completed for Xenia PD.

- end of transcript


Interesting that there are several accounts of this incident including the kids parents asking that it be dropped. Suddenly someone decides to pull it back out and make a big deal about it. Is this a cover up to sneak something pass the citizens? While this is making headlines what is going on on page 2? I do not trust anyone in power in this town anymore. There are too many unanswered questions in this matter.
Why did it take almost 2 months for this to be front page news? Why did this get opened after Mr. Louderback questioned the Council? Was there another vehicle involved and what does that driver say? Why did the driver want this all dropped and afraid it would hurt his military career?

If you are aware of a conspiracy behind these events, please drop me a note and I would be happy to report on it...there is no hidden agenda here. If you have evidence of misconduct, share it and we''ll investigate. The timing does in fact appear suspect, but it could also be just an appearance.

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