Xenia Announces Cuts

Xenia, Fairborn announce cuts to balance budgets

In a recent announcement, the City of Xenia outlined the steps management is planning to take in order to meet budgetary shortfalls and lower revenues.  A city prelease release referenced “prolonged economic recession, diminishing revenues, and a close defeat of a proposed .5% income tax increase” as the main reasons for the staff cuts and the planned expense cutbacks.

The announcement comes on the heels of May 4 defeat of an income tax increase after a particularly contentious campaign promoting the levy and after a resident filed a lawsuit against the Xenia City Manager alleging fraud and misappropriation of public funds; the suit alleged that nearly $30,000 were fraudulently spent by the city on election consulting services.  The lawsuit was eventually dismissed due to technicalities and voters at the ballot box defeated the levy.

As part of the list of cuts, the city announced that a total of eleven administrative employees would be laid off and non-union wages to be frozen since 2009.  One fire station will be closed and operations will be consolidated into the station located on Main St.  An additional six firefighters and three police officers will also be laid off. 

Other reductions mentioned are “fuel reductions and anti-idling policies” and “broad discretionary spending costs.”

The Fairborn City Manager also announced tentative cuts as the city has a shortfall of nearly $330,000 and personnel cuts may be considered in order to balance the budget.  Fairborn will host a public meeting on Tuesday May 18 at 7:00 PM in order to discuss the tentative cuts and the possibility of an additional tax increase being placed on the November 5 ballot.

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