Unanswered Questions in Montgomery County Incident

Possible criminal probe brewing for former elections employee

Democrat Tony Tipps who served as an elections operations coordinator for the Montgomery County Board of Elections resigned from his role on May 12, 2010, but Montgomery County officials continue to hide the real reasons behind Tipps’ resignation.

In a one line resignation letter signed by Tipps and addressed to Steve Harsman, Director of the Board of Elections in Montgomery County, the son of lobbyist Paul Tipps, former chairman of Ohio and Montgomery County Democratic Party cut ties with the Board without any public explanation for the reasons behind the resignation.

Details on the resignation are scant and Montgomery County officials are refusing to discuss the matter in public.  According to public statements made, Tipps’ resignation is unrelated to the election or his involvement in the election process and had no bearing on the results of the 2010 primaries.

A “Resignation Agreement and Release of Claims” signed by both Tipps and Harsman also fails to explain the reasons behind the resignation.  The County will continue to pay salary and provide medical insurance for Tipps until June 18, 2010; according to the agreement Tipps would be considered "an employee for normal pay and benefits purposes."

A conversation with Board of Elections officials failed to bring further light into the mystery of Tipps’ resignation, and officials made a reference to a possible criminal investigation as the reason for refusing to provide additional public documents requested by the Greene County Herald in relation to the events that occurred on May 12; they also refused to provide any details about what Tipps is accused of doing.

No additional questions were answered by officials.

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