Theft of Weapons

Weapons stolen from deputy's home
Heckler & Koch MP5

An administrative review by the Greene County Sheriff's Office was initiated after a case containing two weapons disappeared from the home of a Sheriff's deputy and a member of the SWAT team.  The case in question contained a semi automatic AR-15 and an automatic HK MP-5, which were both the property of the Greene County Sheriff's Office.

The theft is believed to have occurred between October 17 and October 19, in the Laynewood area of Xenia, north of Main Street but no additional details have been provided by the Xenia Police or GCSO at this time.

The case containing the weapons was locked, and it is unknown at this time if it also contained ammunition.

A reward of $500 is being offered to anyone with knowledge about the theft, and a tip line can be called at 937-562-4819.

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