Taxes Aplenty on November Ballot

Xenia, Fairborn voters facing numerous tax increases and renewals

After projected budget shortfalls for 2010, residents of Fairborn and Xenia may be facing a number of levies aimed at income tax increases and tax renewals pushed by city and school district officials. 

On Thursday, the Xenia City Council approved an ordinance for a second attempt at passing a 0.5% income tax increase; the  measure which was already defeated once by taxpayers in May, will appear again in the fall on the November 2 ballot.

The Xenia School District will also place three levy renewals on the November 2 ballot, bringing the Xenia tax-related ballot issues to four in the November elections.

Fairborn residents were given a chance for a public hearing after Fairborn City Council postponed resolution to place a 9.9-mill levy on the November ballot; despite the planned hearing, the placement of the levy on the ballot is nearly certain as Fairborn officials are planning on raising $5,346,00 annually in order to save 12 full time positions and maintain current benefits and pay for union employees.

Fairborn firefighters' union accepted a temporary pay freeze and Xenia announced that several firefighters and police officers would be laid off in July in order to balance the budget.

Some local residents opposing the tax increases are claiming that the highly-publicized layoffs in Xenia are pushed into the public eye in order to create fear and generate votes in November, but this was denied by city officials.


Disappointing, no matter my opinion of the levy or income place the Levy in Xenia back on the ballot, with out really trying to talk with the public, is a bit insulting. At least a town hall or public meeting should have been held, or even written opinions asked for. No attempt, to my knowledge, to find out what it would take to pass a levy, with a clearer margin then 1%...if the same plan is ran and passes, would we not then have to run it again to have a tie-breaker, Ha-Ha...I joke, but seriously. How do you market the same product after 1/2 your citizens did not buy it?

Fairborn at least is listening to and talking to residents...maybe at least just pretending, but at least they are going through the motions. The Xenia City Council is not even pretending anymore!

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