New Website aims Higher than Mainstream Media

Greene County media bias, backruptcies, prompt Herald launch

A small group of Greene County activists, politicians, writers and independent journalists today announced the launch of Greene County Herald, a local news website aimed at overcoming the perceived shortcomings of mainstream media outlets perceived to be plagued by a biased approach to news, financial problems and bankruptcies.

The new online news outlet dubbed "Greene County Herald" will feature independent reporting, hard-hitting news, investigative articles and will offer opportunities to Greene County residents, bloggers and young aspiring journalists to write and participate directly in the news reporting cycle.

The new approach taken at a local level will give local residents an opportunity to directly shape how Greene County events and news are being reported and how the community is being affected by those who live and interact with it on a daily basis.

A substantial benefit over large media conglomerates will be the nearly nonexistent operations cost to such a small and independent organization, the unpaid volunteers willing to write on a regular basis, leading to a financial and ideological independence on the part of writers.

The contributors to the Herald are hoping to set a new stage for Greene County news and provide the highest quality of opinions and news to readers in the Miami Valley.

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