New Levy Attempt in Xenia

City officials to try passage of failed levy again

After a defeat at the ballot box, Xenia City Manager Jim Percival and the Xenia City Council said they would attempt to place the failed tax levy on the November 5 ballot.  During a recent council meeting, statements were made indicating that there will be another attempt by city officials to pass the levy in order to hire additional public employees.

In a recent press release, Xenia officials stated that several firefighters would be laid off and Station 2 on Second St. would be closed.  Three police offices would also be laid off according to the press release, and other spending activities would be curtailed.

The May 4 levy failed after a contentious struggle involving Avakian Consulting and a public lawsuit filed against the City of Xenia as a result of Avakian’s involvement in the levy planning process. A Montgomery County judge sitting by assignment in the Greene County Court of Common Pleas dismissed the lawsuit.

No council vote had been taken on the planned attempt to pass the levy again and no date for a vote was offered. 

Initial comments made by levy opponents indicated that this was to be expected and the opposition to the levy would be just as strong and pointed as it was during the primaries on May 4.

The IAFF representatives responsible for the PAC (Political Action Committee) supporting passage of the levy could not be reached for comment.