The Future of our Country

How the United States is inevitably heading towards disaster
Soviet-era propaganda poster reading "Zero Solution"
Soviet-era propaganda poster reading "Zero Solution"

The Christmas holiday of 2009 was also the 20 years anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, a spectacular and epic struggle by millions of people for freedom, individual liberty and justice.  It coincided with the fall of Communist regimes across Europe, and the symbolic end of Soviet domination of a good portion of the world.  These events prompted me to take a fresh look at what I believe the future holds for the United States of America.

My thoughts do not necessarily revolve around the fall of the Berlin Wall as much as they are about where we are today, 20 years later.

Less than one generation later, many people are already forgetting the horrors of socialism and communism in Eastern Europe. Some even want to go back to that reality. American Christians are buying wholesale into Statism and into the idea that the State, rather than the Church can provide answers to society's problems.

Those of us who did experience the horrors of Communism firsthand are speaking up and warning others not to repeat them and get on the slippery slope leading there; we are often being ignored or looked at as being strange or extremists.

Some Americans seem to be mostly oblivious to history and seem to be bent on repeating it. Many, including President Obama seem to operate under the impression that pacifism will deal with evil effectively and summarily. This is wrong. Evil does not respect truth and cannot be pacified.

History is being re-written before our eyes; the name of Ronald Reagan is ignored completely when discussed in the context of the end of the Cold War and all credit is being given to Gorbachev. This is wrong and inaccurate.

Many Americans want freedom without any responsibility, leading to the creation of a society which is calloused and indifferent to the needs of those who truly live in poverty and are in need of help; then they become upset when politicians try to solve the problems through State welfare. 

Consumerism rather than thriftiness and responsible spending has become the norm by which many of us live today: spending beyond our means and getting into substantial debt. This is destroying families and marriages, and in conjunction with irresponsible government spending could likely lead to a total economic collapse.

As crony capitalism is confused with free market capitalism and an artificial backlash is being created against private enterprises, the federal government is slowly being replaced by a class of elite wealthy bankers and attorneys who are using their positions to manipulate markets and economies and maintain a militaristic and offensive attitude towards other nations. Through indebtedness and the pushing of the idea that owning a house is a right and a necessity, a new Serfdom class has been created in our society, where most of us work our entire lives to pay off debt and interest payments to this new politico-eonomic wealthy class.

True Constitutionalism has been largely abandoned and is unheard of in the public arena. Both Conservatives and Liberals are not shy about using the power of the State to promote their particular agendas.  Communist ideology is slowly being accepted in the U.S. under the umbrella of compassion and care for others. Entire cities and states have now become centers of wealth redistribution. Some Christians are cheering on this injustice rather than opposing it.

The Church seems to be more focused on maintaining a status quo in word and deed, spending ungodly amounts of money on buildings, salaries and infrastructure while letting the government step in to attempt to cover the basic needs for healthcare and food for others.

Also civil disobedience is likely to pickup steam and become a reality in the U.S., with Americans learning the meaning of suffering for their principles. Hunger and work strikes were the means by which freedom was fought for in Eastern Europe, and may show up here in the future as well.

Now that you have read my thoughts, what are yours?


I prefer the term "freedom" to "capitalism", but crony capitalism is a good term for the straw man that socialists rail against in order to proffer their marxist solutions against the God-given right to own property and produce wealth.

A friend from work read me a quote once that stated:

"Conservatives believe that the government controls the corporations. Liberals believe the corporations control the government."

Marxism is not the answer to criminal activity. Justice is.

Many liberals are actually themselves "corporate cronies" so they may not control the government in a conspiratorial sense, but they have a great amount of influence on government policies; if this was not true, we would not have the huge number of lobbyists in washington.

The latest number I saw was 34,750 for the number of registered lobbyists in D.C. - those are the legit ones. Probably there are 4 times as many who are working underground to sway and move politicians to create laws and regulations to favor their corporate clients. Crony capitalism rules our nation right now...I don't think only liberals believe that.

Freedom would be the resolution to criminal activity since "justice" is imparted by the same corrupt system that creates the injustice to begin with. If people would be free to associate and create their own communities outside of the control of the State, crime would be dealt with accordingly and voluntarily, without the State being involved, rendering lobbyists useless.

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