Cleveland Loses Court Case, Grip on Gun Ban

Court ruling gives the State more power, it's a lose-lose for citizens

In what is turning out to be a slap down to silly and outrageous municipalities’ abuse of power, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled today that the State rather than cities have ultimate control on gun restrictions and legislation throughout Ohio, allowing gun owners to travel throughout the State of Ohio without being concerned with local legislations which may be more restrictive than the current State laws.

This ruling came about after the city of Cleveland challenged a 2006 law on the ground of “home rule” which according to the Cleveland law director gives the city the right to legislate gun restrictions accordingly.  The 5-2 ruling decided that the 2006 law is constitutional and does not infringe on “home rule.”

The ruling also overturned an earlier appeals court finding, and decided that it is a general law which overrides local ordinances.

But gun rights activists should not rejoice too quickly; the ruling while at face value might give owners more freedom to travel without concern for local ordinances, also gives more power to the State; thus a future legislature might in fact deem gun ownership “illegal” and therefore having the authority to void all local ordinances which do allow for the ownership of guns for example.

This latest court conflict and ruling simply underline what many Ohio citizens already know to be true, namely that Government (whether it is Local, State or Federal) will always seek out more control and more power over their lives. 

This time around, we enjoy the small amount of freedom graced upon us by robe-wearing bureaucrats in Columbus. 

Tomorrow they may not be as gracious.

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